Dimond Night Live is off to a start

Students are rehearsing for this year’s presentation of Dimond Night Live April 18 and 19 in the auditeria. DNL stands for Dimond Night Live, which started out as Zits. That was a play for seniors that started decades ago when South High teacher Donna McCarrey was at Dimond. McCarrey took Zits with her when she moved to South, and Dimond did not have a play for the spring. Dimond science teacher Laurel Stutzer and Dimond registrar Carrie Smith got together and decided that Dimond needed a play to help replace Zits. Inspired by the hit NBC show Saturday Night Live, DNL does skits that are like the ones on SNL, and the students make up their own skits they want to do. The students in DNL are actually the ones who write the skits for the play, which is the goal for the directors, to have it student run. The students have their writing time during their English class or their composition class. They start in October with brainstorming, and then they gather ideas with the directors and go over the stories. About 80 to 100 people are in the play each year. The play is not only for seniors, but also for everyone in school. Junior Emily Klopfer said, “The auditions were really fun.” Smith said the auditions were “ really good, really good. There are a lot of freshmen trying out this year.” She also said that the ironic thing about that is that they have an idea of doing a skit on freshmen and how they are treated as freshmen. Plans for this year’s DNL were to do a skit about the football team’s season this year and one about students getting detentions. DNL is not only an after-school activity but serves as a special cause that is a fundraiser for senior scholarships. Seniors can get the scholarship by applying for them. Last year DNL gave out six $500 scholarships to seniors. Every year, DNL has a special guest who is included in a skit. In previous years guests have included Olympic snowboarder Rosie Fletcher, Mattress Farm’s Ted Sadler and 36 Crazyfist’s lead singer Brock Lindow, who is actually from Anchorage.