Christian Club Member Goes to Russia

Christian Club member Kosy Isakson, sophomore, recently returned from a mission trip to Russia. She was a part of a group including the local mission organization Russian Encouragement Ministries, and students from Grace Christian School, Dimond High and Service High. She travelled to Valdivostok, a city near the Chinese border, where she visited orphanages, schools, and youth detention centers and handed out supplies, performed in mimes, sang with the children and did crafts. She and her group were in Russia for 10 days over spring break, from March 3-17. Her favorite part of visiting Russia was, as she said, “just seeing Russia,” even though it was “really cold.” Kosy said that she went on the mission trip in order to “spread the love of Christ” and really enjoyed her time there. She’ll be sharing a video with Christian Club shortly in order to share her trip with the members.