2012 The End or A New Beginning?

As many of people have already heard, the Mayans have predicted from their calendar that the world is going to end either December 21 or 23, 2012. As I have read they think that it will either end from a variety of natural disasters, Katun will bring the end of the “word of God,” social chaos or wars, the Earth will undergo a magnetic field shift which will reverse the polanty or an asteroid or comet will collide with the earth. There are a variety of things people can come up with of how the world will end. The predictions can come from anything like: spiritual, religious, scientific, political, economic, medical, or astrological. There is also a positive side of predictions that people have come up with, such as there will be a change of consciousness or a better spiritual state that will happen to everyone or to those who have prepared or to those who believe in whichever religion they act upon. Or the simple one, nothing out of the ordinary will happen, it will just be another year. Honestly, in my opinion I think it will just be another year of the world going. I have never been into this theory and predictions because in my eyes it’s a phony assumption, just something for people to talk about. I think it’s just a rumor to talk about, just like with celebrities. When I researched the predictions, they were not genuine in my eyes. There are too many predictions that people are making for a power to put their finger on just one. I asked history teacher Lem Wheeles, “As a history teacher, What is your point of view on the 2012 End of the World theory?” Wheeles said, “I see no merit in it. I think it’s a good story line for entertainment.” I also asked another history teacher, Keith Kuipers, his view on the theory and if he had actually came across any evidence on the theory. “No.” he said. “I’ve read articles on the internet and stuff, but no actual evidence.”