Prom 2010

It’s spring at Dimond High School. Cars are going back into two-wheel drive, the snow is melting, and high schoolers are stressing over the single biggest social event of the year: Prom. Prom has been seen as a coming-of-age celebration since the turn of the century, when high schools and colleges all over the nation began holding “promenades.” Prom is just a few weeks away, and Dimond is becoming a flurry of activity. For the last few weeks, a prom spirit week poster has been in the making on the gym bridge, girls have been ordering prom dresses and the first of the “Will you go to prom with me?” posters have gone up. Jim Anderson, math teacher and Junior Class sponsor, is one of the staff members in charge of planning Prom 2010. He says that “prom will be held at Changepoint Church on April 24th from eight o’clock in the evening till midnight.” There has been some controversy over having prom in a church. However, according to Anderson, “the museum and hotels weren’t available”. Besides which, “Changepoint is not only a church, but a venue”, making it acceptable for a school dance. An important part of senior prom is the theme. This year the decorations and photo opportunities will center around a “Hollywood” theme. Bianca Brown, a senior, loves this years’ theme. “It’s classic and simple where we can still dress as we want.” According to, the average high school couple will spend right around $500 dollars on prom, covering the cost of tickets, hair appointments, a tux or dress, flowers, a fancy dinner and a limousine to ride around in. Dimond’s students have differing opinions on the costs of prom. It’s “so expensive,” according to Justin Oller, a senior. However, fellow senior Taylor Adams thinks that it’s “worth it” because “there aren’t many occasions where you get to devote a whole day to getting ready and looking nice.” Costs aren’t the only excess involved with prom. Emotions traditionally run high around prom season, with guys stressing over who or how to ask, and girls stressing over, well, everything else. “I absolutely hate this time of year. They can’t concentrate in their classes,” says Wilma Keller, head of the drama department, of students’ preoccupation with prom. In addition, prom night often turns into a party night. After-prom parties and all the activities associated with them can lead to drunk driving, pranks and other activities of a less-than-legal nature. While Dimond students should have a great time at prom, they also need to remember to make responsible decisions on prom night. Add it all together and mix in the difficulties of the last quarter of the school year, and it’s no wonder that Dimond’s juniors and seniors are more stressed lately. “The stress and expenses…let’s just say it’s no ordinary dance!” says senior Faryal Malik. The dancing, the dresses and tuxes, and the limousines and party buses being rented make it a truly “Hollywood” experience, giving Dimond’s high schoolers an opportunity to feel like celebrities, if only for one night. Prom 2010 promises to be a night not to be forgotten soon.