What are people wearing?

Each year the stores come out with new types of clothes for the spring season. The clothes seem to just keep getting skimpier and shorter. Sophomore Darien Lopez states, “ Skimpy clothes are appropriate at times unless they don’t fit right or they are too short. I don’t like seeing people in too tight of clothing.” During spring, the stores start putting more tank tops, shorts, Capri’s, t-shirts, rain jackets, and flip flops out for sale. Sophomore Marina Ott says, “ I love spring because then I don’t have to wear a big coat or nasty, fat, ugly boots!” During the spring, girls have their own style and guys have theirs. According to junior Emily Olsen, girls are seen wearing more dresses and flip flops as well as brighter colors. Steven Lozano says, “ Guys wear the cool clothes. They wear skinny jeans, vans, polos, khaki shorts and bright colors as well.” His friend Brandon Corpuz agrees. Freshman Nason Samson says, “ During Spring I see a lot of people wearing ‘preppy’ clothes.” Spring is a fun season for clothing and most people like the types of clothes that come out. People say that they really like the spring fashion because it is bright and they don’t have to wear the big bulky clothing like you do in the winter. Freshmen Jorey Lloyd and Nason Samson say that they like summer fashion better because they get to wear thinner clothes when it is hot. But freshman Jerry Madison likes winter fashion better.