NBA Playoffs

The National Basketball Association has started its postseason now and is already underway with each series having two games in. In the end of the season only eight teams make it from each conference. There are 16 teams all together in the playoffs. The series winner wins four out of seven games. In the Western Conference the Los Angeles Lakers are the top seed going against the Oklahoma City Thunder. I think the Lakers will easily sweep the series 4-0 with the leadership of MVP candidate Kobe Bryant. The Lakers are also my favorite team so I expect them to win the Finals against whoever wins the Eastern Conference. The second seed in the west is the Dallas Mavericks going against the seven seed San Antonio Spurs. I think that the Spurs might upset the Mavericks because they have been playing great in the end of the season. All of their players on the roster are healthy and are ready for a push to the finals. Rounding out the west there are two very close match-ups. In the west are actually in two series, the Portland Blazers and the Phoenix Suns in one series. In the other series, there are the Denver Nuggets against the Utah Jazz. These are both interesting match-ups because both teams in each series play the same style, an up-tempo up and down the court game. In the east the top seeded Cleveland Cavaliers are easily handling the Chicago Bulls, who are hungry for another title in the windy city ever since Michael Jordan retired. The Cavaliers are also lead by the probable MVP LeBron James. This year he now has a great supporting cast on the team, which people predict that they can reach the Finals this year and win. Last year’s Eastern Conference champions are up against the rough and tough Charlotte Bobcats. The Magic is lead by the arguably best big man in the game, Dwight Howard. I think that the Magic will surprise the country by beating the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The third seed in the east are the exciting Atlanta Hawks going up against the team with the young talent of Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Hawks could easily be the number two seed in the East. They have a very good chance to make a playoff push to the Eastern Conference Finals and maybe upsetting a higher seeded team. Now ending the east, the Boston Celtics have the Miami Heat in their hands. So far the Celtics have easily handled the Heat winning the previous game by about 30 points. I think that the Finals match-up will be a rematch of last years Finals, with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic. This will go on to the seventh game and the Lakers will win the Finals being the first team to repeat as NBA Champions for the first time in the decade.