“The Last Song”: Movie Hits Sour Note

I have five words about “The Last Song” by Nicolas Sparks, DON’T READ THE BOOK FIRST! If you read the book first, the movie will seem dumb and uneventful. I don’t believe that the producer picked the right people to play the characters of the movie. Ronnie is one of the main characters of the book and movie. Within the first 50 or so pages of reading the book, you can already tell that Miley Cyrus just doesn’t fit the part. You simply don’t picture her as a rebellious, Goth “chick” who hasn’t talked to her father in three years. I mean, have you ever pictured Miley Cyrus as a Julliard-worthy pianist? I don’t think so! It just doesn’t seem to fit. But I do have to admit she wasn’t a bad actor. She wasn’t right for the part, but she wasn’t a bad actor. Liam Hemsworth played his part really well. Even though I believe Channing Tatum would have been the perfect fit for this character, Hemsworth seemed to fit his part just as well. He was the complete boy next door. I read the book before I saw the movie, and truthfully, I was very disappointed in the movie. In the movie the events of the book are scattered, out of order and there is nowhere close to as much detail as in the book. I think that because the book came first, the movie should follow the book. The book has to be like the instruction manual for the movie. I felt like a one hour-and-forty-seven minute movie was only about 25 minutes. In the book, the story is really based on the Ronnie’s summer and how her relationships with people change. However, in the movie they ruin the surprise. They take away Nicolas Sparks’s hook. The key event of the entire story was told in almost the very beginning of the movie. There was no suspense to it anymore; you knew what was going to happen. Anybody who didn’t cry during this movie is a cold person. Of course I’m just kidding, but the end of the movie was so emotional and heart wrenching. There was not a dry eye in the whole theater when I saw the movie. You almost couldn’t even hear what was going on because of all the sobbing and nose blowing. It truly was sad, but also relieving. I would recommend that everybody read this book and see the movie, but only in that distinct order. If you see it in this order, you won’t be disappointed.