Dimond Students Doing a Double Take

Herin and Serin Choi are definitely some of Dimond’s best and brightest. Herin was this year’s National Honor Society President. Serin, also extremely involved and dedicated to National Honor Society, was voted a Prom Princess. And they are not stopping their hard-core dedication at Dimond. For the first time, next year, the twins will be going their different paths after thirteen whole years of sharing the spotlight. “I will be away from Herin for the first time, at Cornell,” said Herin. “I will be going to Berkeley, for media studies, how mass media affects society. Danika [Paskvan] said I would be good at that kinda stuff,” said Herin with a smile. It is doubtful, however, that there is any career path that Herin wouldn’t be successful at, with her outstanding ability to work hard. “I was a little disappointed at first, [Berkeley] was not my first choice, but my sister went there.” said Herin. “I know the campus, and all the best places to eat.” Herin was shocked that this reporter knew about Berkeley. “You know about Berkeley?’ said Herin. When told that Berkeley had a good reputation, Herin replied, “Yes, we do!” She definitely already considers herself a student of Berkeley. “I will be going to Cornell University,’” Serin happily said. “’I’m looking forward to going someplace new, being independent and not having parents,’” said Serin, with a hint of laughter in her voice. But really, what teenager doesn’t look forward to the enticing freedom that looms right over the word “college”? “I’m mostly looking forward to just the opportunity to re-invent myself, you know?” said Herin. “College is like a fresh start, meeting new people.” One thing that Serin and Herin definitely agree on is their “Most Memorable Moment” here at Dimond High. History Teacher Greg Brown seems to have earned a special place in their hearts. “I will definitely remember Mr. Brown’s class the most, working with him on National Honor Society stuff,” said Herin. “Mr. Brown’s room during lunch is the best,” laughed Serin, “Everyone sleeping on his couch.” “[Mr. Brown is] a really great teacher. He sees something special in everyone,” said Herin. “Everyone loves him, he is after all ‘Mr. Brown’,” she said, hinting at his legacy. Serin and Herin are siblings, after all, which allows a certain amount of dispute. “We fight a lot, it’s kinda embarrassing to be in front of everyone when that happens,” said Serin. “People assume that we are exactly the same person,” said Herin. “It is really hard sometimes to explain to people that we are, like, unique. Especially if we are wearing our hair the same way that day.” The twins had similar advice for all future SAT takers and high school students. “Don’t slack off during senior year! [That could] put college in jeopardy.” said Serin. “Study for the SATs ASAP!” said Herin. “Get it outta the way!” Both Herin and Serin also advised all high school students to get involved in ATAC (Alaska Teens Against Cancer), the club they co-founded their sophomore year. If Dimond students are wise, they will definitely take any advice they can get from these two shining stars.