Food Revolution Could Make A Difference

Picture a world where the schools have freshly homemade meals for the students every day instead of the preserved frozen square pizzas we all remember from elementary school. This is the world that Jamie Oliver would like to live in. That is why he has started a “Food Revolution.” From his website,, the Revolution was to “get people all over America to reconnect with their food and change the way they eat.” You can watch parts of this Revolution Friday’s on ABC at 8 o’clock; that’s what I do because the guy does have some really good ideas. For me, this isn’t about, “lets change all lunch meals at every school,” because that seems costly and unrealistic. It’s about, “what if we did change some meals at some schools?” If we did what Jamie Oliver wants to accomplish, which is to change people’s eating habits by teaching them to cook and by changing food’s in school, there would probably be a lot of benefits, some of which I learned about on his show. The first benefit I learned from the show would be to cut back obesity in children. This would be done by removing unhealthy foods —chocolate milk, cheeseburger containing a frozen patty, with a side of french fries— and replacing it with something healthier. The second benefit, learned from the show, would be to increase the attention and participation of the students. If you go on his website, he has a petition he would like people to sign. Signing the petition is to help “save cooking skills and improve school foods,” the website says. His website also shows how many people in each state have signed it. In Alaska, it was only around 900 people. Out of all 50 states, only two other states had fewer people signing; California had more than 30,000. With the petition, Jamie Oliver would like to take the petition to the President one day and show him how many people really care about these issues. I think The Food Revolution is a great start. I think every idea has to start somewhere, and it has started. It has started to try and make these changes a little at a time, and I think that is great because every little bit counts. It’s not like people haven’t thought about changing the school lunch menu before. It’s just that now I think it is getting more crucial. The health of the kids of the future may be really on the line. Jamie Oliver is trying to make sure the health of future adults isn’t on the line, and I will support him because it sure seems to me like he may know what he is doing. If you are interested in joining the Food Revolution or getting involved, I highly recommend either checking out the show on Friday nights or taking a look at his website because I thought it was all so inspiring. Again, I’m not saying, “Let’s change everything now!” I’m saying, “Maybe a small trial test is worth a shot.” And that is what Jamie Oliver seems to be a doing, a trial test.