Seniors Losing Interest in Mementos

The end of the 2010 school year is rapidly approaching, and some Dimond seniors do not seem to want to buy any of the mementos that used to be so popular back in the day, such as class rings, extra tassels (for car rearview mirrors) and other paraphernalia. Kevin Rue, a Jostens Company Sales Associate gave the inside scoop on what seniors are interested in this year, “Besides the cap, gown and announcements,” explained Rue, “the class ring is by far our most popular item. “It is an even divide between boys and girls, for who is buying the class rings.” said Rue, when asked to describe any gender preferences. “It’s probably because you can have a custom ring for each student,” explained Rue. “It’s kinda something that you have for the rest of your life, you can lose tassels and sweatshirts can wear out, but class rings last forever.” However, it looks like some of the Dimond seniors are just doing the bare minimum (in terms of senior merchandise) required to graduate, just the simple, standard cap and gown. According to yearbook teacher and Senior Class sponsor Todd Sanderson, Dimond High has been fortunate enough to be able to afford to give out senior T-shirts for the entire graduating class of 2010. Dimond senior Matt Summers said, “It’s a lot of money for a ring, but maybe I’d buy a sweatshirt.” Some Dimond seniors this year seem to be sharing a mutual feeling about the over-priced class rings. “It’s too much for a ring that just says your year on it,” explained Dimond senior Faryal Malak. Senior Sarah Cain has another reason not to buy a class ring, besides the fact that they are “over-priced”; “I already have a ring that means more to me,” said Cain, explaining her situation. Another senior, Seki Kazuki, was one of the rare few who actually wanted senior memorabilia. Unfortunately, Kazuki was also unable to buy anything. “I wanted one, but my mom said it wasn’t my style,” said Kazuki when explaining his situation about the class ring. “I’m not gonna wear any high school shirts in college,” said senior Teipei Kono. “That’d be kinda embarrassing,” said Kono with a grin.