Lauren Hanley; a sunny graduate

Senior Lauren Hanley, winner of the yearbook’s “best all around” superlative, four year volleyball and basketball player, and Z Club member, is graduating this year with sights set on a bright and wonderful future. Ever since her freshman year, Lauren has brought with her a bright and sunny attitude everywhere she goes. Dimond science teacher Brett Roth taught Lauren this year, and had a lot to say about her character; “Lauren always brings a sunny attitude with her wherever she goes and it shows in the way the people around her react to her. She is a very dedicated student as well. “I remember one recent day where I knew she had been at school for probably 15 hours between classes and working on Dimond Night Live because I had been there too. DNL was opening up the next night and demanded a lot of attention from everyone. “Still, I received an email from her late that evening turning in her homework. I thought to myself, ‘Lauren I know how busy you were, I would have accepted it a little late,’ but at the same time it is that level of dedication that makes her great.” Angela Hanley, Lauren Hanley’s mother, talked about her hard work and dedication to school, how she always has a good spirit, and of course, her humor. “Even when she was going through her back surgery last summer, Lauren had a great attitude and always joked with the nurses. She hardly complained during that rough point in her life, and was just so amazing.” Angela Hanley also commented on Lauren’s “mean key lime pie” that she learned how to make this year for when she goes off to college and wants to bake a treat for her roommates. Lauren will be attending Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington this fall, but has “no idea” what she will be studying. “Maybe environmental studies or engineering,” said Lauren. “I can’t wait. It’ll be cool to meet new people. It will be like a new chapter.”