Margielynne Uri Looks Ahead

Senior Margielynn Uri is a 2010 graduate. After years and years of going through elementary school to high school, she is now ready to go on to college. “[I am going] to UAA to major in Radiology and Med Tech. I’m also going to live life to the fullest.” Now that she will be off to college, she hopes to leave behind a few things. That is, her “mad cello skills and artistic abilities,” as she put it. Throughout school Uri has won many awards. She has obtained an academic letter, two silver stars, two gold stars and is going to be graduating with honors. But overall, Uri is glad that school is ending. Though she will miss all the “socializing with friends, blood drives, academic awards and orchestra.” Junior Morgan Swallow said, “I’m sad! One of my best friends is leaving me!” When you do talk to Uri, she has just such a great presence about her. She seems to be so kind and sweet. Though, when you first talk to her she is quiet, but she will soon more than likely open up. When she answered certain questions in writing, you couldn’t help but miss the smiley faces she had put at the end of each statement. When asked to give future freshmen advice about high school, she said, “Do not slack off! Do your best!” When Swallow caught Uri coming down the stairs, she yelled, “Margie!” and what Uri did was smile. Swallow also seemed quite joyed by the presence of Uri. Maybe one day, we will see Uri again in college or on the job. But for now, she is off to move on with her life, and be even more successful. Uri said, “I’m going to miss school ‘cause I have tons of Junior friends and there is lots of memories here.”