Beka Skinner set to graduate!

Senior Beka Skinner is looking forward to graduating on May 13, 2010. Skinner led the way in sports such as Cross Country running. “One of my best memories at Dimond was being on the Cross Country team. I made a lot of good friends on the team. I always felt proud after a race.” Skinner was also president of Key Club and a member of National Honor Society. She was also a part of Robotics, Mu Alpha Theta and Alaska Teens Against Cancer. Skinner plans on attending Washington State University and majoring in pharmacy. “One thing I’ll miss about Dimond is the teachers. I think that I’ll miss them more than the students. The teachers [here] care about their students and they’re also good for a quick laugh; most of the time,” said Skinner. After graduating from Dimond, Skinner will go on a graduation trip to Europe and the Mediterannean. “Then I plan on working all summer, going to a few camps and then visiting family,” Skinner added. After that Skinner is headed to college. “If I could redo one thing at Dimond, it would be to do less homework and hang out with friends more. The time time [at Dimond] goes by way too fast to spend it writing papers and doing math problems.” Skinner has helped Dimond in many ways both with sports, clubs and academics. Because of this, she is considered an outstanding student by the staff and students.