Summer Clothes Too Revealing?

As summer approaches and the weather gets better, shorter, more revealing clothes. As of late, this has become a problem for Dimond disciplinary principal Kevin Theonnes. “It seems like everything you guys want to wear, we don’t want you to,” said Theonnes. Breaking the school dress code can lead to various consequences. “The first offense of someone breaking the dress code is going to be different from the twenty-fifth. Very rarely is there a one-size-fit-all scenario for discipline,” he said. Theonnes continued on to say, “You kids are in a bad spot right now. All these TV shows and magazines might as well tell you what to wear when deep-down you really don’t wear those clothes. I mean who wants to wear their pants on their knees?” In addition, Theonnes added that there is no shame in being modest and not showing so much skin. “In a few words, informal is going to be in this summer. I mean, I love dressing nice but flip-flops and shorts is definitely is easy and comfortable,” said Junior Kaylin Forbes. It seems as if the guys are going to be wearing what they usually do when it gets warmer outside. “This summer, shorts are in according to Junior Alex Vu. “They’re super comfortable and they look good, too,”. “When it starts to get about 60 degrees-plus out, I’ll be putting on a t-shirt, some shorts and flip-flops,” said Sophomore Taylor Sleater. Towards the end of the year, many students are seen wearing only the bare minimum of clothing necsessary. Whether it be shorts and a t-shirt or sweat pants and a hoodie, it seems as if everybody is trying to be comfortable.”