The Artist: Rj Maene

The Artist: Rj Maene Did you ever want a best friend that was a good artist? Well Rj Maene is the guy. Rj is a Dimond High School student that definitely has thought about what he wants to do after graduating High School. Rj Maene has decided to join the army about Eight months after the school year is over. After Rj contributed his idea about joining the army, his friend Sam Berdahl gives him a hard high five and says, “ I totally support your idea! Joining the army is an awesome decision!” Two months after Rj graduates high school, he plans to head off for military training before he officially joins the army. Rj thought that it would be a good idea to join the army because it was something new and an adventure he could take part in. Although his parents didn’t really support his decision to join the army at first, he took the time to talk to them and have them understand that it would be a good choice for him. After a few months of persuading, his parents finally gave him the ok that he needed. Because the army pays for college education, Rj has made the decision that after being in the army for about 1 year, he would go to the University of South Carolina. While at USC, he would like to study art so that later on in life he could be an artist. Rj wants to study art because he is good at it and has a lot of pride in his work. If his career in the military/army doesn’t work out, he would like to attend an art design school so that he could further his studies in art. Rj says that other than school, art is his focus because as a kid he never really got into any other activities and would rather sit down and draw anything that came to his mind. Rj was a student that was very much loved by fellow classmates. Because he was dedicated to his work his teachers were very fond of him and became very close friends with him. His personality was so bright and awesome and it just filled up the hallways with laughter. He will be surely missed.