It’s time to move up the stream of your highschool years! what do you think about it?

Movin’ On Up High school is an important time in someone’s life. The four years of high school are supposed to be the best four years of someone’s life. Freshman year is supposed to be a good year but that isn’t always the case. Freshman Jorey Lloyd says, “freshman year was difficult because I wasn’t fully ready for the challenges high school threw at me. Also the upperclassman didn’t really want to talk to us because we were ‘Fresh Meat’.” “My freshman year was hard because I wasn’t used to high school, but when I became an upperclassman, people began talking to me more and I made a lot of friends very quick,” Junior Dwayne Carter says. Although being an upperclassman seems way more fun because you get more privileges, those privileges come with academic advancement. “Being an upperclassman is awesome because for sports, it is way easier to make a varsity team. When you’re a freshman, you are a new little fishy and the upperclassman try to crush you,” says Junior Hannah Jones. Sophomore Lindsey Kluber says, “I am so glad not to be a freshman anymore even though I was often mistaken as being an upperclassman anyways. The only disadvantage of being an upperclassman is the homework gets harder and you have big assignments that are spaced out over a long period of time.” Parents usually worry about grades but us kids like to eat! Lunch is very important to have in a school day. But would it be more fun to eat with everyone or have it separated? “I would love to have lunch with the upperclassman because I could ride around with them in their cars instead of walking everywhere,” says Freshman Abby Mercil. “I think the lunches need to stay separated. Freshman can have their lunch and for upperclassman, our lunch. We don’t need any additional people because the upperclassman house is already full especially the annoying freshman,” says Sophomore Alexa Perry laughing the whole time. Overall everyone has there own opinion of how there freshman year was. For some it was a good year and for others not so much. But Who Cares! We all just need to enjoy the high school days that we have because they wont last forever.