Looking Forward to Senior Year

Now that seniors are graduating soon, some of us are looking on to the underclassmen as well as the juniors that will be graduating next year. The juniors, sophomores and the freshmen, are just as excited as anyone to be graduating in a few years. Cory Clevenger, a junior, said “One thing I’m gonna love is not having to take the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam. That test is beyond boring. Not only will I not be taking them, I get to sleep in those days.” Even though the seniors are the highlight of this year, it’s gonna be on us juniors next year,” he said. Another junior, Kaylin Forbes is really excited as well. “I only have the rest of this year and then all of next year and I can finally graduate. My little brother has it the worst,” Forbes said. He still has three more years!” Alex Vu, a junior, said that he’s been ready to graduate and get out of high school. “The sooner I graduate, the more time I have on the slopes!” Some freshmen are already excited to graduate and get out of high school. “I really can’t wait to walk at graduation. It’s been a fun year, but I’m ready to get out of this place,” said Freshman Timmy Gravelle. “I’m glad I’m not a freshman anymore. I’ve had two years of high school, one at West and this year at Dimond. I have a strong feeling Senior year is going to be way fun,” said Sophomore Taylor Sleater. “One thing I really like is the dances. I can definitely put up with three more ears of dances,” said Freshman Zac Vendetti. Another aspect of school that a lot of Dimond High School students won’t miss when they graduate is the work. “School itself isn’t really all that bad. It’s all of the homework that gets me. It’s nothing like last year where you could just kinda float along,” said Freshman Carlos Bosques. Some are surprised by their second year in high school. “I’ve been through two years of high school and I was hoping as the work went on we wouldn’t have as much work or as hard of work. Although that isn’t the case, i’m having a lot more fun then I thought I would my tenth grade year,” said Sophomore Damon Griffith.