New Football Coach Hopes to Put Dimond Back on Top

The night was Saturday, August 7. The Dimond High Lynx Varsity football team was in Palmer preparing to take on the Knights of Colony High, in their first game under new head coach Chris Borst. They left the Valley that night with their first win in almost two years, and that win is Borst’s fondest memory as Dimond coach so far. “Going out and getting the win against a team many thought we couldn’t beat was nice. All the kids went and played their hearts out,” he said. That was the game that woke the sleeping giant, that fired up a team that is currently in playoff contention. “He’s a good coach. He listens, which is a good thing. He knows his systems well, which is also good,” Senior Dwayne Carter, the Lynx’s Quarterback, said about Borst. “He’s brought a game plan going in to every game, and during the game he collaborates with other coaches and players, like me, to improve the game plan.” Borst came to Dimond from South High, where he was an assistant coach and helped the Wolverines win a championship, and noted a difference between the schools. “South has more kids playing. Aside from that, kids are kids. They’re all unique and they’re all similar.” He also stated his intent for the future of the Lynx football program. “Our main goal is to make sure that we’re getting athletes out to play. We’ve got a lot of great athletes at Dimond. Making sure they have good grades and making sure they help in their communities and getting them out to play football.” But Borst doesn’t take all the credit for the Lynx’s mammoth turnaround. “I think they’ve done well. We’ve played hard, we’ve played well, we’re in every game, and we’re getting better every week. Carter echoed that statement. “We’ve made a big improvement compared to last year, We’re getting better every week, actually.” Borst praised the team’s potential comeback to the playoffs. “We’ve got a lot of good players at skilled positions. We’ve got speed, and these kids want to play and compete.” Carter also had good words in regards to the team. “Right now we’re in playoff contention. I think we can take it if we keep our heads right.” The Lynx haven’t gone without challenges, though. In their second game, a loss to East High by the score of 18-6 put the Lynx’s season in question, but that hasn’t been the only thing the Dimond team has overcome. “One of the biggest [challenges] is probably that I’m the third coach in four years. Lots of new people and new things to learn,” Borst said. “One area we are improving most is our line. At the beginning of the year we had a lot to learn and we have so far.” The future looks bright for the Lynx team as well. “He’s got a good organization going on here,” Carter said. ”If we don’t get it this year, in a few years we’re gonna have Dimond a championship.” Borst seconded that. “With watching the younger Boys & Girls Club’s Mears team and looking at the JV and C teams, the future certainly looks good.” Borst’s approach is a good sign for the Lynx’s future. The season has rolled on as Borst and Carter predicted, with the Lynx dominating the Bartlett Bears 32-14 and topping Borst’s former team, the South Wolverines, 9-6 on Homecoming afternoon. “Building a successful football program is understanding the fundamentals. After that it’s systems. It’s also the little things like teamwork, being on a team,” Borst said, “Hard work produces good results.”