Jeggings: the fierce new leggings

They’re new, they’re blue and they’re just like leggings. Jeggings, if you haven’t heard, is the new trend for leggings. Most people can’t even tell the difference. Are you able to spot them out? Have you seen this new trend walking about school? Apparently not many people have, but it sure seems to be catching on. Kylie Moore, a junior, said that she has seen a couple of people wearing jeggings. In fact, Kylie owns a pair herself. Moore said that she likes them because, “they’re comfortable and look just like jeans.” Kimmy Jackson, a senior, tried on a pair at American Eagle and says that, “All I know is they’re suuuuuper comfy!” She would even buy a pair the next time she goes. “They look just like pants but aren’t,” Jackson said. Jeggings can come in handy for many uses. Felipe Godoy, senior, has five pairs for working out Even though jeggings do seem to be catching on, some people have no clue what they are or any interest in buying a pair. Rene Vania, a sophomore, curiously asks, “Are they really tight jeans?” She then goes on to explain, “I just don’t want them, I like leggings better.” Emily Goodrum, a sophomore, has no idea what jeggings are, but says she probably wouldn’t buy a pair. “They don’t seem comfy or appetizing,” Goodrum said. Kristi Lauwers, a junior, was shocked when the word “jeggings” was brought into conversation. She had never heard of this new trend. She giggled while saying, “My jeans are already tight enough!” Some people have never noticed jeggings before, like Ariel Valenzuela, a freshman; however, she prefers leggings. “I just don’t wear stuff like that,” she said. Nobody so far thinks that jeggings are a problem to the dress code, especially since they are just like leggings. Kendell Scott, a sophomore, thought it was preposterous for a boy to wear jeggings. He thinks it is just wrong. When asked about boys wearing jeggings, Kylie Moore thinks that, “If they feel so entitled to do so, then sure.” Jeggings do seem to be a spreading trend, though. Scott said he saw people wearing jeggings on his visit to New York. Jeggings could be the new jeans in the near future. However, for right now, they seem to be just a personal interest. It could become a trend that lasts a few years or a trend that only certain people wear.