Twilight vs. Harry Potter

If you’ve looked at a magazine, watched television or had some good discussions, you’ve probably heard of the popular series Twilight and/or Harry Potter. But which one is the better series? This is a very negotiable topic, since they are two very different stories/movies. Harry Potter is aimed towards all readers, young and old. It takes place in a fictional place called Hogwarts. There Ron, Hermione and Harry take on many adventures in the wizarding world. Twilight is aimed more toward teenage girls, since it is a love story, and many girls can relate to some of the conflicts. Many people have their own opinions on their favorite. Hailey Heafer, a sophomore said, “ Twilight is way better than Harry Potter, because Jacob is really good looking.” For those of you who are not familiar with Jacob, most girls would describe him as the dreamy werewolf of the Twilight Saga. Others agree with Heafer. Kimmy Jackson, a senior said, “ I like Twilight better because Taylor Lautner (Jacob) is really good looking. Rene Vania, a sophomore, said, “ I like Twilight better, I’m not really into wizards.” But there are also those Harry Potter fanatics such as Cecilia Frank, a sophomore, “I like Harry Potter much better. The magical creatures aren’t lame, and it’s not a romance.” Courtney Beach, a sophomore, agrees with Frank, saying, “ I really dislike Twilight. It’s stupid.” There is also some debate over which fun-filled film has more action. Although Heafer admittedly enjoys the Twilight Saga more than Harry Potter, she also admits that Harry Potter has a lot more action than the popular vampire series. Jackson agrees with Heafer, saying Harry Potter is more action packed. This is shown in fierce quidditch matches, daring spells and much more. And of course there are those few who don’t enjoy either one of them. Felipe Godoy, a senior, is in that category. Nathan Stephens, a junior, explains, “ I don’t like either one. I don’t like reading.” Whether you are a Twilight Saga fan or a Harry Potter fan, both series seem to have arguable theories as to why they are better than one another. Maybe you’ve only read one, or neither one, of the books. In that case, be sure to pick up a book and jump into a world or wizards or vampires—the choice is yours.