Is There An Age Limit To Cartoons?

I think still watching children’s cartoons is still perfectly fine when you’re in high school. You can never be too old. If you enjoy watching them and they make you laugh or feel good, then you should watch them. Just because a cartoon is on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon doesn’t mean it’s only meant for little kids. There are many shows that are really funny to both little kids and older kids who are in high school or older. Other people, however, seem to think that once you’ve reached a certain age then that means you’re too old to be watching children’s cartoons and should spend your time doing more “mature” things. They believe if you watch cartoons and you’re in high school then you must be immature and have no taste in humor. Other Dimond students and I beg to differ. I asked some students in the hall what they think of being too old to watch cartoons. Dylan Wallace, a junior says, “I like to watch cartoons occasionally. I mean if you’re going to watch something it might as well be something entertaining.” Brian Tolan, a senior says, “No, I think it improves creativity.” Aaron Ernest, a junior gives his opinion on the matter: “I think kids could find better things to watch, although some cartoons are pretty funny.” Do you think if you’re in high school then that means you’re too old to be watching cartoons? “No, are you kidding me? I watch ‘Pokemon’ all the time! But I guess it just depends on the kinda person you are and who you hang out with,” says Rachael Peltier, a junior. I also asked some students what cartoons they do enjoy watching. “’Adventure Time’!” said Sarah Clark, a junior. Wallace said, “’Spongebob’ is always good.” “I love ‘Pokemon’. And I really like ‘flapjack,’ ‘chowder,’ and I’m not gonna lie, I definitely like watching ‘Catdog’ and ‘Dragon Tales,’” said Peltier. Go and grab any student in the halls of Dimond High and there is a very good chance one of them will say they still enjoy watching cartoons, some more than others. I don’t think anyone no matter how old they are will ever dislike cartoons. Cartoons entertain small children, but they also remind older kids of their younger youth. Even as they grow older the cartoon characters they grew up with always remain the same as they were all those years ago watching them on Saturday mornings in their footy pajamas. They make kids of the high school age laugh and forget any drama or struggle they may be dealing with. As well, many cartoons teach life lessons to older kids who have through their life since forgotten important values in life like friendship, trust and never forgetting to have fun whenever you can and making every day an adventure. “Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.”— Walt Disney