Fall Formal Falls Flat

There are quite a few disappointed seniors at Dimond who recently heard unfortunate news: there will be no Fall Formal dance. This dance was supposed to take place during mid-October, between Homecoming and Crystal Ball. A school social event that would be an alternative to Fall Formal is still in the works. Student Government is working on renting out the pool and the old gym to host a social event, and hopefully a senior fundraiser, for the school. Cameron Ginochio, Senior Class President, said that this “pool party will be after one of the school plays where we [the seniors] will be able to charge admission.” At the senior meetings last month, it was explained by the officers to the senior class that they are currently lacking in funds. In order to put on a good graduation and have simple traditions such as senior t-shirts, some serious fund-raising needed to be done. The idea presented was to have the seniors host a semi-formal dance in October. When the seniors of Student Government approached Patricia Walker, Assistant Principal, she supported the idea. “I was just concerned with cost. I wanted the kids to be able to reach the break-even point,” Walker says. She said that there are many costs that go into putting on a school dance, and the break-even point needs to be met so that the seniors can receive a sufficient amount of profit. Walker also explained that there was just no real room on the calendar for another dance. “It would have been another great social event for everyone between Homecoming and Crystal Ball, but there’s just not space,” Walker says. Lem Wheeles, the Student Government teacher, also emphasized the fact that schedules ruined the potential Fall Formal idea. “We had a lot of full weekends, in both October and November,” Wheeles says. The events in October that hurt Fall Formal were the talent show, end of first quarter, teacher meetings and parent/teacher conferences. Events in November are teacher meetings, sports events and Thanksgiving break. Student Government also did not want Fall Formal to fall too close to either Homecoming in September or Crystal Ball in December. The possibility of Fall Formal is no longer an option. Unfortunately for the seniors, there is no other opportunity for them to hold a dance as a fundraiser. Cheryl Guyett, principal, took pity on the senior class and purchased their t-shirts, giving each senior the chance to get a free maroon class shirt.