Do Vending Machines Need Changes?

The vending machines are great for students who need a quick, cheap snack. Throughout the day, many kids will go to the vending machines for something to eat or drink. There’s no question that the vending machines are useful for hungry students, but are the items in the vending machines not healthy enough? I believe that the vending machines should just add more healthy items, but not remove all the unhealthy items. Sometimes a person does need something salty or sweet to help get through the day. The items aren’t terrible for you and are in small amounts, so they can’t do great harm. Many students agree with this opinion. A lot of people like what is provided in the vending machines and purchase items daily. Chris Slaten, sophomore, thinks that the food in the vending machines is very good. However, he thinks that the vending machines need healthier food and that the school should possibly switch to all healthy items. “They should put carrot-like stuff, celery, sandwiches and rabbit food! It’s my favorite thing to eat, so I wish they had it in vending machines,” Slaten said. Even though he does enjoy the food we already have he would prefer to have a wide variety of healthy items. The reason vending machines make a lot of profit is because of the unhealthy items in them. Andre Tolliver, security, says, “Junk food is cheaper, more people can buy it, they can accumulate cellulite, and get fat.” Iris Schaumann, a senior, believes that the vending machines are contributing to the obesity problem in America. She says it is because vending machines are easily accessible. She thinks that granola products would be a good alternative. Naomi Freeman, a freshman, says that the food in the vending machines is all good because it’s not that high in fat or sugar. Many kids really like the poptarts. Shaq Huang, a junior, doesn’t think we should change the food in the vending machine but thinks we should get more Rice Krispi treats. Javier Arias, a senior, thinks that if we had all healthy food then no on would buy anything from the machines. The saltier and sweeter foods seem to be the best sellers in the machines. Then again, there are not really any healthy options available. The real question to ask is: Would students be interested in healthier options? I think a majority of students would be more interested in having healthier options to eat. However, if the vending machine venders want to keep earning a large sum of money, then they should keep providing the food they have now.