Winter: It’s Here!

Fall is over and we all know what that means: Winter is here. Some people look forward to winter, but others do not seem too interested that it is here. Winter means ice, snow, and cold weather. People either enjoy it or don’t enjoy it. Jin Chong, a freshman, had some trouble deciding whether he is ready for winter to come or not. “I am very…no not really, no,” Chong says. Ariela Lewis, a sophomore, is ready for winter to come but does not want it to happen. She says that we’re lucky to be able to experience this kind of winter and that most people would love to have a winter like Alaska’s. One special thing about winter in Alaska is that there are many different sports to play or do with the fallen snow. Brandon Parson and Nathan Solorio, both juniors, like to go snowboarding. Parson says that it is the best part of winter. Tristan Heil, a freshman, says he can’t wait for what he calls the best part of winter — downhill skiing. Winter is also the time for people to partake of winter sports. Lewis likes to play indoor soccer and basketball. Solorio likes to play basketball too. A dangerous part of winter is driving. People throughout the whole season get into car accidents. It seems to be a problem with being able to stop. Solorio was driving and he said he pressed the brakes but the car skidded and ran into the car in front of him. Luckily, everyone was okay and safe. Some people’s favorite part of winter is the sports or the snow. Many love to make snowmen or have snowball fights. “Definitely one of the main things every child should do,” Lewis commented about building snowmen. Solorio’s favorite part of winter is when it is over and all the snow is melted. Kids seem to really enjoy the season of winter because of the holidays. Many like to sing Christmas carols. Chong’s favorite carol is “Jingle Bells” and he even sang it out loud. He was very enthusiastic and said he can’t wait for caroling season. Parsons says, “ I sing ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’. It’s my favorite Christmas carol. I usually sing it on my way to school, year-round, though!” Winter is coming whether you’re ready or not. Be ready for fun snow and the season of cold!