Dimond and South Homecoming 2010

Students here at Dimond High raved about Homecoming, but what was the difference between South and Dimond’s Homecoming? Megan Romo, sophomore, attended both Dimond and South’s Homecoming, and enjoyed Dimond’s much more. “They were so strict at South, they had state troopers, and you had to dance in a like a line. Teachers stood on boxes all around and shined lights down on you while you danced,” she said. Romo said that Dimond’s music was somewhat weird and that South’s was just okay. “I think in order for the dances to be more fun for me, my mom, Julie Romo, can’t come,” said Romo, laughing. Julie Romo is a Dimond Science teacher. “Dimond’s dances are like a dog without a leash, South’s dances are like backpacks kids have with the handles that the parents hold on to,” Megan Romo said. Other Dimond students seemed to agree with Megan’s view on South and Dimond’s Homecoming differences. Elaine Merando, sophomore, had some strong opinions about the music. “South had really weird techno music and it was really annoying. But Dimond also didn’t have very good music. They need to play not so overplayed music and more songs that people can request,” Merando said. Even though she didn’t like the music, she said Dimond definitely had a better dance overall. Sagan Osborne, a junior, also agreed that Dimond had a better Homecoming. “Dimond’s music is much louder, at South you could barely hear what was playing. And the DJ wasn’t very good either. He took forever to pick a song and when he did they were songs you didn’t know.” Osborne also said that in order to improve Dimond’s dances they should make tickets less expensive. The topic of bad music remained as Stanson Afoa, sophomore, said that both schools had bad music. “They need to play more recent music,” Afoa said. Afoa agreed with Osborne that in order to improve Dimond’s dances they should make the tickets cheaper. But he as well thought that Dimond’s Homecoming was a better dance. Overall, it seemed as if everyone agreed that Dimond had a better Homecoming. In order to improve our dances here at Dimond we need to consider lowering ticket prices and playing better music.