PDA: How Much Is Too Much?

In Dimond High School, there have been a lot of times where you will see kids showing affection for one another in the hallways. In school, this is known as public display of affection or PDA. This is an interesting rule, in my opinion, mainly because it is a rule that is enforced by some teachers but let slide by others. There is always going to be a certain point at which a teacher won’t let it go, though. Math teacher and running couch Nate Normandin said, “There is a time and place for everything, but school is a place for learning,” He said that personally, it is not a very big deal if kids give each other a kiss goodbye, but he said that he does have limits. He thinks it will only become a problem if students get too distracted by it. But it does not seem to distract a lot of kids based on the answers I got. Some students at Dimond disagree with Mr. Normandin. “Teachers should ease up, it is a time for us to find romance. And Dimond is a testing ground,” Junior Iris Shaumann said. Both Javier Arias, a junior, and Ariela Lewis, a sophomore, said that it does not bother them if there is a kiss here and there, but making out is too far. There are some students who say that making out does bother them, including Shaumann and sophomore Allen Pangelinan, but they too, have limits. Anything further than that is not exactly something they want to witness. Personally, I agree with most people. Kissing does not bother me in the least bit, but anything further than that, then it should be taken somewhere else. I also think that teachers should not be so hard on those students. It will always be a part of life, and this is basically the beginning, but if it is to those limits, then it is definitely necessary to say something and intervene. As for a solution, I really do not think there is one. There probably is no way to change the rule book that it is okay to a certain extent, because people have different extents. Plus the teachers have to account for, and respect, the kids who are bothered by any of it. So I think it is a personal decision for the teachers whether to let it slide or to make a big deal of it. For kids, it is a little easier since we see so much of it. Basically, there is a point where everyone gets a little disgusted. Some have a better tolerance, others not so much. But I think it is a rule that will not be changed, nor enforced. And it will always be broken by students.