iPhone vs. Android: The Showdown

Nowadays, there are seemingly endless options when choosing a cell phone, whether people are thinking of smart phones, flip phones or even slide phones. There is a plethora of phones that can do almost anything imaginable, and just about everyone has one. The popular phones are smart phones. They can vary from Blackberry, to iPhone, to Android, to many others. The top two seem to be the Apple iPhone and the HTC Android Hero. People debate which is better, and the debate can go on forever. There are both positive and negative things about each phone. The question is: which phone has fewer flaws and more fun gadgets? “I don’t get why so many kids have iPhones, and barely any kids have Androids,” said Erik Thompson, a sophomore at Dimond. He seemed to think his Android beats the rival iPhone. He had both positive and negative things to say about his Android, and wanted to share them, to show people how he thinks his phone beats the competition. One thing he likes very much about his phone is the social networking. “There are so many ways to communicate with friends, it’s easy,” Thompson said. Another thing Erik likes about his phone is the texting. “The predictive text gets what I am saying correct every time,” he said. He likes the keyboard, and how easy it is to type on it. He has two favorite applications, Facebook and Pandora. He likes Facebook because no matter where he is, he can send messages and pictures and comment on a friend’s pictures. “It’s easier to use than a computer,” Thompson said. He likes Pandora because he can listen to any song, from any artist, at any time. There are some problems with his Android, though. He does not like how sometimes it starts to glitch when he is trying to answer a phone call. Sometimes it will not even answer the call. Another problem is the phone can sometimes get slow and start to glitch if it is not restarted every few days. The last minor problem he reports is the camera. He says, “It’s hard to hold it still and the pictures can come out blurry.” Overall, Erik likes his Android, and he would not trade it for any other phone. Other students such as Charley Murphy a junior at Dimond, think differently than Erik. Murphy has an iPhone and thinks it is better than the Android. She likes her iPhone mostly for the applications. Her favorite three are Scoops, Unblock Me and Facebook. She likes Scoops because she likes ice cream and it entertains her anytime she is bored. She likes Unblock Me because it is a challenging mind game that really makes her think hard, and she has fun playing it. Facebook is her favorite. She, like Erik, said she thinks thinks that it is easier and more fun than a computer. “I barely use my computer anymore. I don’t need to now that I have my iPhone,” she said. Murphy likes her iPhone, but she says, “If it weren’t for the apps, I would probably get a different phone.” She did not say that she would rather have an Android, just a different phone. Charley experienced problems with her iPhone after she unlocked it, (which when you unlock allows you to do a lot more with your phone.) This is available only on the iPhone, not the Android; however, the iPhone can suffer over time from being unlocked. This is what happened to Charley. Her phone got really slow, it froze a lot and the battery drained very quickly. Overall, Charley likes her iPhone, but she thinks it could be better. Each phone has its ups and downs, and after looking at all the information between the two phones, it is hard to decide which is better. Even though they have flaws, they also have things like internet anywhere, games, calculators, weather applications, and much more that make them amazing and one of a kind. Together, they would probably make a perfect, flawless phone.