Dimond Highschool 2010 Talent Show

The flyers hanging around school weren’t kidding when they said “Great performances!” The crowd was overflowing with people this year at the 2010 Dimond High talent show. There weren’t enough seats to fit everyone so half way through the show they had to get more seats. People resorted to sitting on the stairs in order to watch the 12 amazingly talented students perform. The art department, as a group, made around $2,000 that will go to travel expenses for the school. Thirty students tried out for the Dimond High 2010 talent show; 14 were chosen, one didn’t show, one had to be cancelled due to safety issues, and 12 performed. “We had narrowed it down to about 20. There were a lot of good acts,” said Les Matz, Fine Arts Department Chair. Matz continued, “We had to pick the most entertaining and the highest quality.” First place went to Scout Smith, who performed an original composition called “Orange Dice.” Second place went to the Fantastic Four! Featuring Marin, Carlos, Chris, and Damion who rapped “Ball ‘til I Drop” Third place went to Lizzy Gogolowski who sang “Imagine” by John Lennon.