Dimond’s Volleyball 3Peat Is Amazing Upset

Underdogs Dimond High School’s volleyball team pulled off an amazing upset against the undefeated South High Wolverines. The Dimond ladies won in three sets winning the first set 25-22, the second set 25-21, and the final set with an astonishing score of 25-10. Dimond, who had never won a set against South all season, swept them right under the rug. Deanna Nielson, a senior and starter and a part of the All-Tournament Team, has been a part of all three of the consecutive State Championships. “The first championship I won was great because it was so intense with the match going into five sets and us winning 21-19. But this third one was so unexpected, beating an undefeated team. That made it seem like a better win. I wanted to win mostly for the seniors and really wanting to go out with a bang!” Nielson said. Nielson said she is planning to play in college and has a few offers from some division two schools she is considering. Alex Sedor, also a senior and starter, won her second championship in a row. Last year, Sedor did not get very much playing time and said, “In this championship I played a lot, and it makes me feel like I deserved last years’ too even though I didn’t play. I wanted the win for the team first and then myself, because I needed to prove to myself I deserved to be on that court,” she said while thinking back on the past. Alex has decided to play intramural volleyball in college. Kristi Lauwers, a junior and starter who was also a part of the All-Tournament Team, has also won three straight championships. “This title was the best since we beat and undefeated South. You can’t top that!” she said with an enormous grin on her face. She added, “I really wanted to win it for the fans. They had been to almost every game, even though we kept losing to them.” Lauwers plans to play in college and also has some offer but is undecided on where she wants to go. Some of those dedicated fans that Lauwers mentioned include seniors Jake Alward and Tyler Gilliam. Alward said, “I have only missed one conference game in the last two years, and it was great to win the ship in my last year at Dimond. I am very proud of these girls.” Gilliam said, “I have been to all three, and this one was the best since we beat South and we had not beaten them all year. I enjoyed watching our girls be so happy.” Michael Sedor, a junior and Alex Sedor’s little brother, was thrilled for his sister. “The best part of it all was having more fans at the championship than South. Winning was great too.” It seemed to be reoccurring theme. Beating an undefeated South for the Volleyball State Championship was a very, very sweet victory.