Seasons come to an end, making room for others to start

Ending Seasons, Flag-Football, Cross-Country, Tennis To some this is the ending but to some this could be the beginning. That’s right, folks, seasons are ending and so are sports. Tennis, X-Country Running, and Flag-Football have all come to an end. But it is my honor to say that as a team, we ended the season with a roaring success. Cross-Country, and Tennis went to state and Flag-Football won. Before Cross-Country ran to state, Nate Normandin, coach for Cross-Country, predicted, in an interview, that this year’s team would make it to state. What do you know, Normandin called it. In an online interview, Amelia Hennessy, sophomore on Varsity, was asked about her thoughts on this year’s season. “I thought we were gonna make it until regions when I lost my bib and was d’qed (disqualified),” she stated. “I think it was better than last year because the team was closer “And I enjoyed how close our team was and how everyone supported each other.” Question: Is there anything (as a team) you think you could’ve done different that could of made you do better? “No, I think we all worked really well as a team whether it was training together or racing together I look forward to being one of the team leaders and working hard to make it to state again.” Although no one predicted Flag-Football girls would make it to the win, it wasn’t hard to figure out, looking at the Varsity team. Jv and C Team did wonderful and next year should be better for them. Tennis did outstanding with their numerous beginners and lasting experts. They placed second in State and third in Regions. Tennis may look easy but, it isn’t. In an Online Interview Brendi Hinkle, Junior on Varsity, was asked about how she thought this year’s season went. “ Tennis was good this year, wasn’t as good as last year but still good. I’m on varsity so only a certain amount of people can be on the varsity team but I know on jv there was wayy more kids last year then this year. but still a good amount. I think we could have done better this year. I could’ve practiced more through out the summer, but I was too distracted.” Leaving us with a great season, gives us open arms to the winter seasons ahead. Go Dimond Lynx!