Social Networks: What’s the Attraction?

Why do we use it so much and what about all the mischief it brings? Have you ever thought about the fact that America has turned to using electronics to get to know new people and connect with old? Why waste your time indoors when you could join everyone in reality? As far as I could remember, there has always been “that site” where everyone would share everything about themselves. And maybe even share too much about their lives. One of the most-frequently used sites is Facebook; it was introduced in February 2004. Personally, I began using Facebook in 2008-09. I used to be more of a Myspace user but I made the switch. Of course, things that are new to you fascinate you because you have no experience. But once you realize what they’re about, that’s when it sets in. By “it” I mean the realization of disbelief. You see there really is no purpose to kids of my age to be using Facebook. For adults, that’s another story. Adults use Facebook to connect with old friends, etc., and that makes sense. But for kids, it’s just to be silly; it’s something to do. “Something to do” means an excuse to not have to do anything else. Now that kids’ parents have entered Facebook, they don’t want anything to do with it, but I’ll bet parents use it for more purposeful reasons than their kids. What about all the problems these sites cause? Cyber bullying has always been a big problem. No matter where you go, there’s always that one person. Even if it’s not serious, there’s always some kid that gets hurt. There are many stories about serious situations where kids resort to drastic measures because the bullying is so extensive. No one really pays attention to that kind of stuff, though. The only thing that matters is the drama, of course. Even for celebrities, social networks are a perfect place for drama to activate. With Facebook especially, everybody sees everything. So if you post something, you have to remember that everybody may see it. Why would you go through that? (Most kids don’t think before they say anything so it’s not a huge problem, but still.) What happened to writing letters or just simply waiting to see someone to talk to them? You don’t have to be talking to someone 24/7. You can wait to see them tomorrow at school. But if it’s someone in another state, then that’s another story. Other than that, why? I know it’s hypocritical to say all these things because I, too, utilize Facebook, but I don’t dedicate my life to it. Yeah, I’ll go on and check out my family’s activities and post meaningless things , but I’ll always see it as pointless, just something to do.