Television’s Top

This year there are a lot of new television shows airing for the first time or just continuing on to a new season. There are some pretty big reality T.V. names like “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom” plus a smaller name like “The Buried Life.” There are some comedy shows like “How I Met Your Mother.” James Barber, a sophomore, likes to watch “How I Met Your Mother.” His family Tivos it and watches it together every Monday. “Barney is my favorite character because he is funny,” Barber said. “How I Met Your Mother” began airing its fifth season this September. Clayton Nadon, a sophomore, said that he likes to watch Teen Mom. He Tivo’s and watches his show every Tuesday. “My favorite couple is Gary and Amber because they fight,” Nadon said. He also said that the show is getting really exciting ever since Macy and Kyle broke up. Alaina Hawley, a sophomore, and Juan Cruzaley, a junior, agree that Jersey Shore is the best show on T.V right now. Hawley said, “Snooki (Nicole) is my favorite guidette because of her bump it styled hair, plus she is orange, very small, but very feisty,” she went on to say, “Pauley D is my favorite Guido because he is sexy, and he always wears sunglasses indoors,” she said as she smiled in thought. Cruzaley said, “Vinny is the best Guido because he fist pumps like a champ!” he then said, “For the Guidette, JWOWW, for various reasons,” he said with a little grin. Cruzaley finally added that he also likes to watch a lot of soccer in the Mexican soccer league. Ariela Lewis, also a sophomore, said that The Buried Life was her favorite show. “Johnny is the funniest guy, and he is pretty cute,” she said. “The funniest moment thought was when Johnny asked out Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood and got rejected!” she exclaimed. She later added that it really is a great show because at the end of the show, the cast helps a person that is in need of help. For instance, they helped out a girl find a new home to live in after Hurricane Katrina.