Lynx Step on the Ice

Dimond hockey is starting up and everybody is excited. The football and soccer seasons are over and it seems like lynx fans are waiting for the next big sport to cheer for. Hockey has always had a great outcome from Dimond students who love to go see their school beat the competition. Students are not the only people who watch the games though. Spectators can range anywhere from parents to future Dimond students. The hockey players are getting excited too. There is constant talking in the halls about hockey tryouts and what the season is going to be like this year. Joel Tomuro is a sophomore that played on the Dimond JV hockey team last year and he is anxious for the season to start. He had a successful season last year and is looking forward to doing even better this year. “I’m looking forward to not being the freshmen on the team. No more dressing in the bathroom,” said Tomuro. He is excited for tryouts, but is not looking forward to getting up at five in the morning to go to them. He is also excited to see what competition is coming Dimond’s way this hockey season. The Dimond hockey coach, Dennis Sorenson, has goals and ambitions for this season. He wants to win this year and by looking at the Dimond teams so far, this goal seems closely within reach. “Win CIC, Win Region, Win State,” says Sorenson. Those are the main goals for the season. The coach, fans, and players all want this, so the players are going to go ahead and take it. All they need is skill and teamwork, which they have developed over the years of playing hockey at Dimond. “Improvement. Some of the guys have really gotten stronger in the last year,” says Sorenson when asked about what he is looking forward to this season. He thinks the teams will be highly skilled and fast, which is always exciting to watch. He has been coaching hockey at Dimond for 20 years and enjoys the relationship he builds with the players over the four years they play for him. This year is looking good for Dimond hockey. The players are ambitious to beat their competitors, and the fans are excited to watch.