Sledding It Up

This year, the weather has really had its ups and downs. Yet through them all, the good and the bad, Dimond High School goers have still found ways to enjoy the outdoors. When asked what she enjoys about the winter, an enthusiastic sophomore, Kimberly Germaine, laughed and replied, “Sledding… extreme sledding”. Sledding has been a very popular answer to this question, for many reasons. “I like to toboggan down at Kincaid” Ellen Asay, another sophomore at Dimond, said. “It’s really fun and I like getting outside. But in the summer, stairs work too”. Though sledding may just be a form of entertainment, some take it more seriously than others. “The best and fastest way to go is in the saucers on ice. That’s what I call extreme sledding.” Kimberly Germaine said. “But it can be dangerous”. Germaine went to Kincaid in her younger years, and there, her mother actually ended up breaking her back. Ever since then, Kimberly has taken much caution on the sledding slopes. The favorite place to go sledding, though, seems to be Kincaid. “Kincaid is the best!” an enthusiastic Asay said. “The hills are all so steep and it’s always the best place to go”. When asked where her favorite sledding hill was, Germaine, without missing a beat, exclaimed “Kincaid! Of course.” Willie William, a Dimond janitor, recalled one of his very vague childhood memories. “Yea, up in Fairbanks Alaska. On one of the circle sleds—the fast ones! If I had done it more, I probably would’ve liked it more,” he explained. “It was fun, though! Lots of fun.” With the frigid winter coming soon, and the Christmas trees coming up, most people are getting a tad antsy. “Winter Break’s the time to go! So much fun and time to do whatever,” an enthusiastic Donald Bissell explained. Winter Break is expected to be the ultimate snow-sports time, and with luck, everyone will have the chance to get out there and go.