Holiday Wishlist

As the holidays near, many students at Dimond High School have begun making their wishlists for the upcoming holiday season. From books to cars, students have been searching for gifts that they cannot wait to rip the wrapping off the holiday morning. Trevor Helton, senior, is wishing for a gift with four wheels this holiday season. “I really want a brand new, two door, blue Toyota Tundra with a super nice sound system,” he said. Ethan Gould, sophomore, is looking for a gift of a vehicular nature, as well. “I’ve been thinking [what I want] a lot and I feel as though I really need a car right about now,” he said. Kimberly Agron, sophomore, says she doesn’t need a new car. “I love my car but it get’s so cold in the morning! I’m hoping to get auto start so it’s not so cold,” she said. Some people however are looking forward to smaller gifts. “I asked my parents for a new video game this year. I haven’t had much time to play them because of school. But, I think I’ll find some time to play during winter break,” said Damon Griffith, junior. “It would also be pretty sweet to get some new clothes,” he added. Madison Nason, sophomore, plans on asking for a video game, too. “I really want a Wii for Christmas! I want to play Mario Kart,” she said. Timothy Gravelle, sophomore, is looking forward to the gift of music. “I asked my mom for some iTunes gift cards. I really need some new movies, music and apps for my iPod.” December Hanson, junior, asked for a quirkier gift this holiday season. “I asked for a tool belt for Christmas. I don’t want any tools. Just the belt. It could be fashionable,” she said jokingly. Nick Havelock, sophomore, wants some football gifts. “I asked for a gift card to the NFL store. I want to get a jersey or something,” he said. Taylor Sleater, junior, added hockey gear to his lengthy wishlist. “I asked for a new goalie stick. They’re coming out with some new sticks and I’d like to get one,” he added. Cory Clevenger, senior, doesn’t really know what he wants for Christmas. “I don”t really need anything,” he said. “But, a new phone would be pretty nice,” he added. Sophomore, Carlos Bosques, wished for what a lot of students want. “I just want holiday break to get here faster,” he said. Whatever you wish for, give or get, have a nice winter break.