Mechanical Cash Popular on Vending Machines

Credit card machines on vending machines is a big hit with the students and teachers of Dimond High School. “I use vending machines more now,” said Lili Melendez, a sophmore. Melendez thinks vending machines have been a lot more successful since the credit card machine have been added. “A lot more teachers use it,” said Dale Evern, an assistant principal at Dimond. “In the district (Anchorage School District) Dimond gets the most vending profits.” Credit card machines were already built on the vending machines when given to Dimond from a company called Aurora Vending, which has a contract with Dimond. Dimond just accepted the credit card machines on the vending machines. Sierra Schafer, a senior, prefers debit cards instead of cash. “Debit, because it takes up less space in your wallet,” Schafer said. Sherise Nicholsen, a sophmore, said,” Credit, because you’ll always have it on hand when you run out of cash.” Evern agrees that if Dimond added credit card machines to lunches at Dimond it could teach students responsibility. Debit and credit cards may seem better than cash because they don’t get lost as much and are easier to carry around; however, although these cards seem simple and easy, they can also be very dangerous, since they may allow you to spend more money then you actually have.