Bear Tooth Review

Bear Tooth is an incredibly popular entertainment spot in Anchorage, Alaska. People from all over come to see movies for a reasonable price, eat delectable, home made food and see other forms of entertainment (i.e. concerts, famous individuals, etc.) Bear Tooth is a main spot for movie seeing. Normally, they do not play “new” movies, but they wait a few weeks, and some of the big names eventually appear. Film festivals, and the “odd-ball” films, some in different languages (with subtitles), are played at Bear Tooth, thus drawing many different kinds of people. According to Bear Tooth website, they will soon be holding a “Bear Tooth Special Film Event.” It includes “Specialty, Alternative, Art, Documentary, Foreign, Cinema, Films.” “It’s a good place to hang out [and]… It’s like everything in one spot,” says Monica Repuya, a junior. Bear Tooth is not just a place for adults. A great number of students and people of younger ages attend the entertainment spot, too. Anders Ogawa, a sophomore, says, “They’re kinda behind the ball—not as up to date.” He says, however, “[there is] higher quality than some of the other movie theatres…[Plus] their food is a positive.” Senior John Janezich likes Bear Tooth better than other entertainment facilities, “because you can eat pizza and they have really good root beer.” Erskine Frank, a part of the 2011 graduating class, says that he does not go to Bear Tooth regularly; however, he tries to catch as many “ski movies” playing, as possible. He sheds light on the good food in the theatre, the “three-dollar tickets” and the “root beer.” Frank enjoys it more than other theatres, except he would like it to provide newer movies.” A junior, Stephanie Brenner, enjoys the Bear Tooth better than other theatres, due to its “fresh food [and] not gross popcorn.” In a general opinion, Brenner says, “It’s a good place to go eat and watch movies.” Benedikt Engel, a German exchange student from Dimond, went to go see the movies “Inception” while it was playing at Bear Tooth. As an exchange student, he has not attended the theatre many times; however, he points out that he goes “when a birthday or something special” comes up. Engel points out that “they do not have so comfortable seats and the food is really good.” Bear Tooth is the home of a spectacular screen that makes you feel as if you are a part of the movie. Engel comments on the technical aspect of the theatre, in that it has a “really good screen—sounds good.” Bobbye Pendleton, a sophomore, says she has been to Bear Tooth once. Pendleton says, “Well, I went and watched Salt and ate some food—a salad and a turtle pie with ice cream.” She continues to say, “It’s alright; it’s a family movie night all in one—it has good dinner and a movie all in one.” Her favorite aspect of the theatre is the “upper level.” She says it is nice. A company worker at Bear Tooth said about the age range that attends Bear Tooth is “about mostly families and young adults.” Bear Tooth is a great place for peoples of all ages to see a movie, eat good food and have an overall good experience.