Dimond Lynx Basketball: State Is Around the Corner

With state championships right around the corner, Dimond Boys Varsity Basketball players have been racking up their wins for their conference. With nine wins and four losses, they still have more that they want to accomplish. “Our only competition is ourselves,” Rob Galosich says. Varsity Basketball coach Rob Galosich, has been involved with basketball for 11 years. He coached for two years in the YMCA program, and this is his ninth year as head coach at Dimond. “Comradery” is the word used in his teaching method with the boys, teaching all about friendships. His favorite part of coaching is teaching them good values and molding them into men. Having two kids of his own, Galosich loves that he gets to work with these kids. Varsity post Ryden Hines is finishing his second year on varsity basketball. He is a junior. “I like being one of the tallest on the team because it’s easier to catch rebounds and block shots,” Hines said. Although Hines has only been in a league since fourth grade, he has been playing basketball since he could walk. “I love that I get to play with my friends, and I love having G as my coach,” Hines said on his outlook about Dimond Basketball. Varsity senior and guard Dwayne Carter is also finishing his second year on varsity basketball. Carter also plays football and has been in both for quite some time. He has played football since he can remember, but basketball for only four years. With Carter playing both sports, he replied, “ I love playing basketball, but I definitely connect more with football.” Carter says that G is a great coach, and that he’s surprised he’s not coaching a college team. Recently being moved up to starting 5, Carter feels that the season can only continue to go up, whether he’s starting or just coming off the bench. Junior manager Jocelyn Humble is also finishing her second year with the boys. “Handling coach G when he’s mad is the hardest thing to do being manager,” Humble says. Humble became manager when a friend recommended her to the coach. It was definitely a surprise to her. She said she loves being with the team because they are all like family to her.