Dimond Students Skate the Day Away

As the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall, many stay inside in attempts to shield themselves from the harsh winter. Others, however, find greater satisfaction in staying outside and making their mark on fresh outdoor ice. Whether it be to exercise, go on a date or to play a game of pond hockey, many Dimond High School students enjoy going skating at the various outdoor rinks and lagoons in Anchorage. “I’ve been skating outside for a while. It’s a lot more fun than a practice because you can kind of mess around and just have fun with friends,” said Taylor Sleater, junior. Junior, Chris Thorp, junior, says that he also likes skating outside. “As a goalie, playing pick-up games is what makes me better. It really is a great place to improve your skills regardless of how talented you are or aren’t,” he said. Although outdoor ice skating is adored by those who play hockey, casual ice skaters enjoy skating just as much. “I’ve been skating since I was really little. It’s one of the few things that I’ll even step outside my house to do during the winter,” said Taylor Allen, a sophomore. “Although I really enjoy skating, it’s hard to find time to go do it,” Allen added. There are many places to skate but most Dimond students frequent ice rinks at Bayshore Elementary, Chinook Elementary, Dimond High School and Mears Middle School. “The ice around the [West Anchorage] area is decent. Sometimes it’ll be really good after they hot mop the ice but other times it will be pretty bad because a bunch of people have skated on it,” Jordan Clevenger, a freshman, said. “When I can get a ride, I really like going to Westchester Lagoon,” he added. Senior Kaylin Forbes says she enjoys skating but never goes anywhere. “I used to play hockey when I was younger so I really like skating outside. It’s hard to go with school work all the time but I’m sure that after I graduate I’ll go more often,” she said. Alongside the people that go skating every day are the people who haven’t tried. “I would really like to try skating. I have never gone and a lot of my friends do it. One of my greatest fears is falling down,” said Trevor Forbes, a sophomore. Regardless of experience level, outdoor skating is what brings many people together and provides fun for all.