Fist Pumpin’ Like a Champ

A mere eight people are changing the country by starring in an MTV production called “Jersey Shore.” Millions of young adults sit down every Thursday night at 9 p.m. to watch the drama unravel. Pauly-D, Mike “The Situation,” Ronnie, Vinny, J-Wow, Snooki, Angelina and Sammi are the original cast of season one. Now in season three Angelina is replaced by Deena, the newest addition the hit show. She premieres in season three with a bang by starting the second largest chick fight in the history of the show. The show has been set in two places, Miami, Florida and Jersey Shore, New Jersey. Season two was in Miami because the summer at The Shore was not projected to have the nicest weather. Miami was a new experience for both the cast and the viewers. The clubs, gyms and beaches are much different. Dimond seniors Tyler Gillam and Cameron Ginochio both say, “The Shore is much better.” Just like every other show, viewers have their favorite and least favorite characters. At Dimond High, most students prefer Pauly-D, including Gillam, Ginochio, Sophomore Austen Brown and Senior Jin Chong. Chong says Pauly-D is the best because “he never gets involved in the drama.” The consensus at Dimond is that Sammi and Deena are the most disliked cast members. Chong’s reasoning for not liking Deena is “she hasn’t proven herself yet.” Gillam comments, “Sammi is clingy and is boring.” People might ask why this show is such a hit, but there is no real answer, everyone has their own reasons. When Ginochio is asked this question he answers, “It’s hilarious how dumb they are.” That is the most common answer to the question when people are asked. The cast makes such fools of themselves, it is entertaining and even addicting. The show is so addicting that it gets groups of people together every night to watch. Parties are thrown weekly to celebrate every new episode. People are even going all out by taking the term GTL (gym, tan, laundry), a term often used on the show, to heart. Chong says, “the show taught me how to GTL properly.” People are already starting to mock their habits, clothing styles and accents. Soon enough it will be the social norm. There are many people out there who find the show disgusting and vulgar. Many parents hate that their children idolize such bad role models. As Dimond Senior Deanna Nielson says, “ I don’t like watching people make fools of themselves.” Nielson also comments that she feels like her “brain is rotting” when she watches “Jersey Shore.” Whether you like “Jersey Shore” or not, there is no doubt it is a social icon. It is everywhere. It is The Shore.