High Climbing: A Great Way to Stay Fit

Rock climbing is a sport you don’t hear much about but is a great way to stay fit. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, rock climbing is something that needs skill, strength and great conversation. It seems the favorite part for most people is to get to the top. For instance, Peter King, a sophomore, said “conquering the mountain and the satisfaction of my achievement” is his favorite part. “Reaching the top and feeling the victory” is Sophomore Kerrick Eagle’s favorite part. For Kyra Rice, a Dimond intern, her favorite is “that rock climbing integrates both mental and physical aspects.” People go rock climbing at many different places. King said the Alaska Club is where he goes to rock climb. Sophomore Jeremiah Lee and Eagle both have gone to rock gyms to climb. As for Rice, she not only has gone to rock gyms but has scaled real rocks in Idaho , Utah , France and Spain . Fear of heights is an obstacle many people face when rock climbing. “I feel fear at first but then the adrenaline takes in, “ King said about heights. Rice stated, “I was afraid of heights at first, but after awhile I got used to it.” Rice said, “when I was in seventh grade the new rock gym opened.” That was how she was introduced to rock climbing and where she took cheap lessons. Rock climbing is a sport loved by many. As Rice said, rock climbing involves mental and physical aspects. The sport also challenges climbers every time their feet lift off the ground. It’s a way to get over our fears and conquer this challenging sport.