Controversy Taking Over Love?

To some, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love and appreciation, but others feel that it can be very expensive, it can make you feel alone if you do not have a Valentine and that there should not be only one particular day dedicated to expressing your feelings for someone else. According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day supposedly began when over a thousand years ago marriage was prohibited by Claudius II in Rome. A bishop named St. Valentine began holding secret marriage ceremonies. Soon Claudius found out about what St. Valentine was doing and had him arrested. On the day of his execution, Valentine sent his love a message and signed it “from your valentine.” Valentine was said to be executed on February 14th and this is where the Valentine’s Day being on February 14 supposedly originated. Now, though, it seems that there are mixed feelings to whether this day is really celebrated for the same reasons. When asked about how she felt about Valentine’s Day, Senior Carmel Phelps said, “I love Valentine’s Day. It is fun to be able to express how you feel about someone on one day without it being corny.” Junior Marissa Amor said, “It seems like I am the only person left that still likes Valentine’s Day! I think it’s so cute and can be so much fun!” And senior Taylor Anderson said, “I like Valentine’s Day because I like getting good presents from my mom.” From these reactions to questions about Valentine’s Day it seems like there are people out there who still think that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated and it is worth having in our calender. But what about those who do not have a Valentine to celebrate with? There were definitely different opinions on how people felt about this. Senior Anthony Hansen said, “ I like Valentine’s Day. I think it is a cute holiday. You need to be creative too. Like, come up with a creative way to ask someone to be your Valentine. No, I don’t have a Valentine, but I still do a little something for my friends every year.” This was the complete opposite opinion from Senior Sarah Chon, who indicated her dislike of Valentine’s Day and said, “it should be celebrated alone! You should buy yourself chocolate because you love yourself.” And Senior Eric Hueners said, “ No, I don’t like it, because I don’t have a Valentine, of course.” Another person who seems more bitter about the day is junior Taylor Aronwits, who said she also dislikes the day. “I hate love!” Then there are those who think that Valentine’s Day is just a waste of money, like Dimond High School math teacher, Carrie Melville who said, “Valentine’s Day is just about businesses making money.” It is very clear that the opinions about this “holiday” vary. No matter what your opinion is about Valentine’s Day, it seems that this day is here to stay. It is very interesting that a holiday meant to celebrate love and happiness can also generate such an opposite reaction.