Dancing Is the Rage in Video Games

The biggest rage in video games right now, most would say, is “Just Dance” or “Dance Central” . They are two video games that allow players to dance and compete against friends based off of your moves that are being repeated from the screen. “Its fun, innovative, and clever!” said Erica Hoyt, a junior, when asked why do she likes “Just Dance.” The games are dance games. Players watch the screen and follow the moves to popular songs, including music from Bollywood to Britney Spears. “’Just Dance’ promotes good competition and it’s exciting, I love when I get perfect,” said Alaina Geraty, a sophomore, when asked about the video game. She said she enjoys the competition aspect of the game. The game counts up points and players can tell who the victor is in the end. Players get scored with either a perfect ok or an x. So which game is the best? That is up to the player. Jaszlynn Irwin, a junior responded with the answer; “’Dance Central’ because there’s no remote to worry about and it has cooler moves.” “Dance Central” is for the kinect on xbox 360 and it requires no remote, unlike “Just Dance.” When asking around more, people seemed to have played “Just Dance” rather then “Dance Central.” Brittany Johnson, a sophomore, commented on “Just Dance.” She said “the game has cool effects and good songs.” The music is a wide variety with cultural and top chart songs. Kiel Kenning played “Dance Central” and said. “ I learned lots of new moves!” “It’s a really good workout if you just keep dancing, ” said Leilani Schisler, a sophomore. There are many modes that keep you moving and could even get you to break a sweat if you go all out. So if you’re looking for a quick, and fun workout try “Just Dance” or even “Dance Central.” You might even get hooked rockin out!