Valentine’s Day Brings Mixed Emotions

Valentine’s Day is a day for both celebration and affection. Friends give each other small tokens of their friendship while those in relationships trade gifts or do something romantic. Most find Valentine’s Day to be a celebratory day in which everyone is given the chance to exchange candies, cards, flowers, etc. It is known as a day of love. Personally, I find that Valentine’s Day gives me the opportunity to show my friends my appreciation. I take advantage of this by sharing candies with my friends. I believe this day is especially unique for those people in romantic relationships. I don’t see a problem with having one holiday that celebrates these relationships. All the other holidays have their important significance just as Valentine’s Day does. The issue is whether Valentine’s Day brings more sadness to those not in romantic relationships than happiness to those in relationships. A solution to this problem is just as simple as any other holiday: if you don’t want to celebrate it, you don’t have to. People who have issues with Valentine’s Day do not have to recognize it. There are also neutral people out there that see Valentine’s Day as neither a good or bad holiday. Jaley Bozeman, a junior, has no strong feeling on the issue. When asked what her opinion on the holiday was, Bozeman claimed that she had no opinion on Valentine’s Day. According to Alex Mason, a senior, this holiday is “fun even if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend,” stated Mason, “because you still exchange gifts with friends.” It seems many don’t have a problem with the holiday. However, there are those who have opinions to the holiday’s popularity. Kade Bissell, a sophomore, said that Valentine’s Day is not as celebrated as it once was. Bissell believes that Valentine’s Day is “more special for couples.” Although these students share differing opinions on Valentine’s Day, they all share one common feeling: the feeling that there is nothing wrong with the holiday. When asked if they had any problems with the Valentine’s Day, they all answered with a simple “no.” Although there may be some people who have problems with Valentine’s Day, most people agree that Valentine’s Day brings joy to everyone who participates in the holiday. For couples, it’s a day to celebrate their love. For friends it’s a day to celebrate their companionship. Everyone has something to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Whether it is with a boy/girl friend, friend, family member or whomever, one can always find someone to share this holiday with. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and is a positive holiday to have around.