Valentine’s Day: Friend or Foe

Hearts, candy and gifts? It must be Valentines Day! Although Valentine’s Day is generally supposed to be a time of love and giving, it can also be stressful and sad for some. Emily Lincoln, a sophomore, agrees with this statement. “Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders, and I never know what to get my Valentine. I mean I really want them to like the gift, or else they won’t want to be my Valentine and then they won’t get me a gift for Valentine’s Day. “Also, I don’t have a job, so buying presents is tough on my wallet. Last year, I didn’t even have a Valentine, so it was a really tough time period for me to go through,” Lincoln said. This is just one of the many problems that occurs every year on February 14. In my opinion, I think Valentine’s Day is a fun time to get candy and stuffed animals. Also, I think it brings people together in a positive way, and shouldn’t be thought over too much. There are also many students that agree with my opinion. Mallory Stutzer, a sophomore is a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. “I love chocolate so it’s the perfect holiday for me! Also, I love receiving all the stuffed animals my friends give me. They’re really huggable and cute, and I like to bring them to school in my backpack. My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is giving my friends gifts,” Stutzer said. There are also the people that are in between. They like some parts of Valentine’s Day, but could do without some of the strings attached. Savanna Desatoff, a junior, feels this way. “I think Valentine’s Day is very fun, and I really enjoy giving and receiving gifts, but it’s also very difficult to buy presents for boys. I think girls are easier to shop for since they like stuffed animals. Boys’ presents are generally more expensive to buy,” Desatoff said. To solve these problems, I think students should not stress about gifts, or whether or not they have a Valentine. Instead, they should enjoy the love in the air and buy cheap presents such as chocolate or pretty flowers for their Valentines. So what is Valentine’s Day to you? A friend or an enemy? Next time you go shopping for your Valentine, don’t fret about the details, just enjoy the love.