Valentine’s: Day of Caring, or Waste of Time?

Valentine’s Day is well recognized throughout the United States. For some, it is the day of the year where couples show each other how much they care. For others, it is a day that does no more than waste time and money. A quick search on Google will tell you that Valentine’s Day began around 500 AD. The holiday was established by Pope Gelasius the I. Throughout the years, the holiday has morphed into a less serious meaning and more of a day to be romantic, for those who choose to do so. Throughout Dimond, many people have many different opinions on Valentine’s Day. When asked about her favorite aspect of the day, Giselle Cilot, a senior, gave a quick and direct answer, listing “candy” as the best thing on the 14th of February. Erik Thomson-Hale, sophomore, described Valentine’s Day as “Lot’s of fun, free candy.” On the other end of the age spectrum, opinions change about the day. Dimond Assistant Principal Dale Evern sternly described Valentines as “The world’s worst scam!” referring to the marketing ploys that empty the pockets of men everywhere. Dimond Counselor Pete Mandel was neither for nor against Valentine’s. He described the day as “a money maker. But it does help out relationships and give people the opportunity to help couples think about each other. All in all, it’s okay.” Micheal Thompson told reporters that Valentine’s Day made him hungry. At the end of the day, Valentine’s will cause smiles, laughs, tears or all of the above, but we can be sure that the popularity of Valentine’s Day will keep the holiday alive for a long, long time.