Valentine’s Day Heritage Forgotten, Boycott Urged

Each year on February 14 couples everywhere embrace love that throughout the year may be forgotten. But does our culture really need a day to remind us of the love all around us? Many men are against the idea of Valentine’s Day, while many women are in favor of the idea. Valentine’s Day originally came from various martyrs in the early years of the church that went by the name of Valentine. Later in the 1400s the tie was made between these saints and a romantic nature. Although these saints were somehow tied to romanticism, it does not make sense that a holiday should be celebrated in the 21st Century over them. Many people I talked to believed that Valentine’s Day was a holiday made up by card companies in order to make profit between the Christmas and Easter seasons. “I feel like I’m being scammed when I purchase anything on Valentines Day,” said Senior Willie Phillips, “But if you don’t get anything the ladies get real mad”. Some girls agree with this statement; however, others believe that this day is as important as any other holiday. When asked if Valentine’s Day was an important holiday Erica Quinn answered, “Of course. It is a day that makes girls feel loved, plus I love getting gifts.” Many women feel that Valentine’s Day is a day that brings romanticism back into relationships. Once married, each year comes with fewer and fewer spontaneous romantic moments. For married couples this day could serve as a revitalizing moment in the relationship, but why should one specific day serve this purpose? If a couple needs excitement any other day would be just as efficient to better the relationship. Senior Erica Dye said, “If a couple is married, their anniversary should work as this special day.” While there are many people who thoroughly enjoy Valentine’s Day, it seems that most people, including women, are opposed to this holiday. One could argue that back in the day this holiday had a significant reason for celebration but at this point it is merely a moneymaking waste of time. There is no tradition left, and most people asked could not name the origin of the holiday. When asked where the holiday came from Austin Browninig said, “I don’t know. I just thought girls liked getting gifts.” If so many people seem to be opposed to Valentine’s Day, then how is it that the tradition has carried on? I think that men feel obligated to participate because if they do not, then their Valentine would become aggravated. My solution would be a worldwide boycott of Valentine’s Day by all men that would be forced by penalty of death and enforced by local law enforcement.