Yoga Pants at Dimond High

“I remember them becoming popular at the beginning of this school year,” said Dimond Junior Melissa Taylor. At the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, a new fashion trend emerged and became a main part of many girls’ wardrobes. I am talking of course about yoga pants. Walking the halls at Dimond, it’s easy to spot countless girls wearing them in the short 6 minute passing period. “When I was a sophomore I remember girls wearing them occasionally,” said Senior Deanna Nielson. If yoga pants have been out for so long why is it that they have became so popular this year? Senior Lauren Addington said, “I think they are popular because many girls are doing pilates and yoga to stay in shape these days”. If girls are wearing them to pilates and yoga, how is it that they became acceptable to wear in a social setting? When asked why she wears yoga pants, Jocelyn Humble said, “They are comfy and they compliment my figure”. Every girl interviewed responded saying that they were comfortable. Addington added, “You can wear them with anything which makes it easy to create an easy outfit that looks good”. Although the girls at Dimond are comfortable, has this trend effected their appearances negatively? “I think yoga pants are a great new fashion trend at Dimond,” said Student Body President Jin Chong. Some people however are not sold on this recent trend. When asked her opinion, Senior Xiunell Gomex said, “Yoga pants should only be worn when at yoga or while actively stretching”. She shows that she believes there should be a difference between what is worn at the gym and what is worn at school. I’m sure others feel the same as her however all indications are that yoga pants will be around for awhile.