Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the time of year when people get to express their love for one another. Usually the people who like Valentine’s Day are people who have a significant other. They like the day because they can be as mushy as they like, but it does not matter because it’s Valentine’s Day. “I loved Valentine’s Day as a kid, because we got give all of our classmates cards and have a party!” Kristi Lauwers, a junior, says. Valentine’s Day takes place on February 14. Many fear this day. People get reminded that they are alone. They sit alone that night and cry to themselves for being alone. Those people will eat chocolate and watch chick flicks or a horror movie to not remind themselves of this treacherous day. Girls will send flowers to themselves so other girls don’t make fun of them. However, this is only for the people who make Valentines’ a bad day. Even if one is alone, that person can still enjoy the holiday. “I like to show my love to my family and friends. They are the ones that deserve it the most,” said Jack Gasperlin, a senior. “I like to send my boyfriend a bunch of gifts, from the beginning of the day, to the end. I start off by sending him a good morning text and tell him to look outside his window. When he looks out his window there is a heart drawn in the snow. Then, at lunch I bring him his favorite treat, pickles! I’m giving him a giant panda too, because it’s his favorite animal. I like to send him the singing Valentines too!” says someone who didn’t want to give away the surprise. People say that Valentine’s Day is too commercial and that every day should be like that, but it is nice to have a day for dedication. “I have trouble expressing myself so this day really helps me show people how I feels,” says Byron Lowe, a sophomore. I find Valentine’s as a good day, because it is a day dedicated to love. A problem with Valentines’ Day is that it has become very commercial. People spend hundreds of dollars for their love. People feel pressure to impress one another, and it has gotten out of hand. The idea of Valentine’s is good, but it should be more about appreciating one another and showing love with homemade gifts.