Behind The North Face

As the cold weather keeps dropping, students of Dimond High start to wear winter clothing. The North Face jackets seem to be everywhere; it seems like everyone is wearing a type of The North Face. Exactly, why are students wearing The North Face? The North Face brand seems to be trendy and popular to everyone. There is a variety of articles from The North Face that students wear, like hats, jackets, sweaters, and gloves. Katie Monus, a junior, said, “I have two of The North Face jackets, a sweater, and a backpack. My jacket is super comfortable and long lasting.” If there were a similar jacket that looked exactly the same as The North Face, but cheaper, Monus said she would probably buy it. However, Monus said, “I probably won’t wear it as much.” Connor Toohey, a junior, said, “[The North Face] It’s warm, it’s comfortable and it’s stylish.” Toohey’s favorite jacket color of The North Face is black. His entire family including his mom, dad and brother wear The North Face jackets. The North Face is seemed to be liked by everyone. But is The North Face brand affordable? Taylor Aronwits, a junior, said, “[The North Face] No, it’s a name brand, but it’s worth it.” Her favorite type of The North Face jacket is the windshield. The windshield’s seem to be thin but keeps the body warm. According to REI, Scott Radar, the manager, reveals that the windshield jackets seem to be the most popular jacket. According to Sports Authority, Adam Plenge, the manager also tells that the windshield jackets seem to be the most popular jacket. Aronwits is able to afford The North Face through her parents. Aronwits like The North Face because, “It’s what’s hot right now.” If there wasn’t such a thing as The North Face, Nancy Chon, a junior, said, “I would probably wear something from Mountain Hardware.” Chon thinks that The North Face is sometimes affordable and worth it. “We live in Alaska, and we need warm clothes,” Chon said. Her favorite items of clothes from The North Face are the windbreakers and mittens. The majority of the students agree that The North Face is worth the price, popular, stylish, comfortable, convenient and liked. The North Face is not a trend, but a necessity for the winter. It uses good material and is long lasting. The North Face offers a variety of articles: outerwear, equipment, and footwear. At Dimond High, the outerwear, particularly jackets, seem to be the most popular. If you’re looking for a stylish, warm and comfortable jacket, The North Face seems to be a viable choice.